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CCTV technology evolves at an ever increasing speed. At Artist Security & locksmith, we invest in building a secure knowledge base of new technologies and products so we can provide our clients with the right CCTV system for their needs for the long term.

The choices of CCTV cameras available can be confusing.

We take this confusion away from you by selecting the right camera for the application - often specifying a number of different camera types within the same system to suit the particular environment of each camera.

Mini eyeball cameras are ideal for indoor applications requiring a high resolution image but in a small and discreet housing. Mini domes are also available with integrated Infra Red night vision.

Vandal & weather resistant dome cameras are ideal for external
applications where discretion is a requirement but maintaining a superior
image quality both day and night.

Bullet or box style camera housings can deter crime by providing a highly visible presence and excellent image quality, often with built in heaters and screen de-misters to maintain clear images during cold and frosty conditions and with built in, high power Infra Red LED's for long range night vision.

Fully functional PTZ (pan, tilt & zoom) dome cameras can be manually controlled using a joystick controller or through the remote viewing software, with long range zoom lenses allowing large areas to be covered and monitored with just a single camera. Movement detectors can be added to PTZ cameras to enable the camera to rotate to the position motion is detected. Some PTZ cameras have the added feature of movement tracking, following intruders automatically as they pass through the cameras field of view.

IP & megapixel cameras are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to digitally zoom into images without distortion. For example, a single static megapixel camera can be installed to cover a large area (such as a car park) allowing you to zoom into individual car parking spaces to read car number plates, identify individuals, etc.

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