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Intercom Systems


If you need a viable form of communication and a way to control access to the front of your home or business, then intercoms are the most effective technology. At Artist Security & Locksmith we provide intercom installation for residences, businesses and institutions in the new york area.

Our company features the best intercom brands in the industry. Our intercom systems are state of the art technology providing quality audio communication in all installed areas. We install residential and commercial intercoms that include audio/video components, front door access control and connections through phone lines.


We will arrive on site, test everything we need and help you decide on the best intercom system for your home, office or institution. Our hardware is never secondhand, and all of our products are new and operative systems that can service any of your security concerns. Let us help you find the intercom right for your situation. Our professional technicians are effective in the installation process and will make sure that your systems are properly installed and will instruct you on how to use your intercom systems.


  • A large selection of intercoms to choose

  • Technicians trained in the latest advancement and will teach you how to use the intercoms

  • Installation of substations and master stations for complete intercom system control

  • Wired or wireless systems depending on preference, and also the presence of existing wiring and wall strength

  • Installation of audio intercom, audio/video  intercom and door access control systems

  • Maintenance after installation and instruction on intercom system usage

  • Weather resistant outdoor stations (if necessary)

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